New: English Podcasts

Do you want to hear stories from other dyslexics? Stories about labels, their different way of thinking, their setbacks, the benefits of conceptual thinking and their success stories?

In this new initiative of Dynamika you can listen to podcasts in which Sjan Verhoeven and Gertrudie Boersen share their knowledge or Sjan interviews people with dyslexia who want to tell their own story.

The first podcast is an interview with Patricia. Patricia knew it herself at a very young age but hid her dyslexia out of fear being placed to a lower level. Nevertheless, she still does not work on the level she dreams of: being a school teacher!

Listen to her story:

Patricia speaks different languages and it took her a while before she realised it's not because of her multilingualism that she had so many problems with her dyslexia, but that being dyslexic is about speaking a different language as linear thinkers!

New course: "Working effectively for dyslexics"

sjan-gives-courseIn Modena (Italy) we have launched our new course in 2016 for dyslexics during 4 whole days. In 2018 another English one started in Amsterdam. We organize these courses every month, but mainly in Dutch. When we have enough English speaking participants (at least three and max four), we can organize it in Amsterdam or at your home town.

The course is an intensive skill training for (young) adults - employees and students - with dyslexia. Maximum 4 participants. 

Content of the course:

Street of Genes - Daring conference in Italy

In 2017 Sjan Verhoeven was asked to give a lecture on an Italian international conference on dyslexia in Modena. It has taken place at the end of November 2017. The conference was organized by Vittorio Melotti, a biologist and dyslexic, an enthusiastic organizer who does his own things outside the existing frameworks and thus shows great courage. This can also be seen in the diversity of speakers on these days of 'Street of Genes', as the organization of Vittorio is called. 

We can't deny it, we also went to Italy for the superb food!


Johanna Blom, Gertrudie Boersen, Giacomo Guaraldi, Vittorio Melotti and Sjan Verhoeven on the evening after the first day of the conference before having a really good Italian meal.

Sjan is now a Knight!

Sjan-awarded-knight-2017Sjan has been honoured for her work with adult dyslexics. During the 2017 annual honours list, Sjan Verhoeven has been appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau. She received this award from the Mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, for her tireless efforts in reaching and helping adults with dyslexia. "The target group derives a lot of support from your efforts, it gives them self-confidence and practical tools. But perhaps more importantly you are helping the emancipation process of people with dyslexia in such a positive manner so that dyslexia is no longer considered a disorder," said Van Der laan. (Photo taken by Jitske Schols.)

Kindle version of the book now available!


The Kindle edition of our book is available at Amazon since March 29, 2016.

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