Podcasts about dyslexia - What's your story?

Podcast-studio-dyslexiaWhat do these podcasts offer you?

  • Information, insights and examples about dyslexia, but also about AD(H)D, dyscalculia, autism and / or high giftedness;
  • Information about conceptual thinking/ picture thinking that always accompanies dyslexia and other phenomena;
  • Recognition for whatever you may have experienced because of your dyslexia;
  • Useful tips and tools that enable you to work more effectively at school or at work and to take more control of your own life;
  • As a result, it can also happen that you start to appreciate yourself more and can let go of the idea that you are stupid or lazy, that you have to work harder, etc (as many dyslexics think).

We have already published a series of podcasts (mostly in Dutch) on our Soundcloud channel or on Spotify. On this website we publish only the English podcasts. In each episode, someone from the target group is interviewed by Sjan Verhoeven or Gertrudie Boersen and Sjan interview each other on several topics.

How to listen to them?

  • You can listen to them below by clicking on the ► "play" symbol. 
  • You can also listen to them on our Soundcloud channel when you have a Soundcloud account or even download them to your own personal playing device.

The Podcasts

Please forgive us for our bad English, but we hope that if you focus on our message, that you will enjoy the podcasts. By the way: Patricia and Anne-Marie speak English very well.