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We also provide courses outside the Netherlands for:

  • employees with dyslexia;
  • students and pupils with dyslexia;
  • teachers, employers, managers, dyslexia counselors, psychologists, human resource consultants, mentors, etc.

The following courses are possible:

  • an "instruction training" about how to counsel (young) adult dyslexics into working and studying more efficiently;
  • an intensive skill training for dyslexic employees on location (maximum 4 participants). This training would contain: insight into dyslexia; reducing fear of failure; speed reading; effective writing; mind mapping; managing your time and work; the gifts of dyslexia;
  • a training for dyslexic employees, pupils and students adapted to your needs and questions.

These courses can be given incompany or for example as part of a conference.

Depending on the subject and intensity these courses can last 1 to 4 days and have 4 to 20 participants.

The approach is practical and experiential with supportive theory.

Possible topics:

  • what is dyslexia and the impact on daily life of adults;
  • the operation of the dyslexic brain;
  • speed reading techniques;
  • written communication: writing e-mails, reports and papers;
  • verbal communication: giving presentations or lectures, presenting your ideas in meetings;
  • interpersonal communication: giving and receiving feedback , attitude and building bridges between linear and conceptueal thinkers;
  • managing your work or time;
  • fear of failure at dyslexics and how to reduce this;
  • multiple intelligence according to Gardner and specific qualities of dyslexics;
  • how to counsel dyslexics;
  • gifts and talents of dyslexics and how to use these efficiently at work, at school or in an education.

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