Move forward with Dyslexia

Lecture or webinar

This lecture:

  • lasts one hour;
  • can be extended with a half or one hour for questions;
  • can be extended with one or two hours to go more deeply in specific subjects;
  • can be given at conferences, in classrooms, incompany.


In this lecture we approach dyslexia in a positive manner. Dyslexia is closely connected with a different way of thinking. We call this conceptual thinking. It is this way of thinking that is the foundation for being successful. That can be accomplished by learning reading, writing, communication and working strategies that fit with the conceptual thinking of dyslexics. In finding their own way of working it is also possible to build a bridge between conceptual thinkers and linear thinkers for dyslexics are many times misunderstood by their linear thinking colleagues. Several tools can be given on order to do so.


  • an integrated model for the counselling of dyslexics;
  • what is dyslexia;
  • the operation of the dyslexic brain;
  • fear of failure and dyslexia: a powerful alliance;
  • learning and working strategies fitting their way of thinking;
  • gifts and talents of dyslexics;
  • can dyslexia be cured;
  • how to build bridges between linear thinkers and conceptual thinkers.

Live or Online

This lecture can be given online by for example Zoom, but we never say "no" to a trip abroad if it fits our schedule and the payment is sufficient. 

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