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Course “Working effectively for dyslexics” - 4 whole days

This is an intensive skill training for dyslexics on location (maximum 4 participants). This course is for (young) adults (employees and students) with dyslexia.


The course contains the following subjects:

  • what is dyslexia and the impact on daily life of adults;
  • the operation of the dyslexic brain;
  • speed reading techniques;
  • written communication: writing e-mails, reports and papers;
  • verbal communication: giving presentations or lectures, presenting your ideas in meetings;
  • interpersonal communication: giving and receiving feedback , attitude and building bridges between linear and conceptual thinkers;
  • managing your work or time;
  • fear of failure at dyslexics and how to reduce this;
  • multiple intelligence according to Gardner and specific qualities of dyslexics;
  • gifts and talents of dyslexics and how to use these efficiently at work, at school or in an education.


After the course:

  • you have insight in the benefits and pitfalls of linear and conceptual thinkers;
  • you can concentrate better and have more peace in your head;
  • you read at least two times faster! This is a result guarantee;
  • you know the ins and outs of mind mapping;
  • you make fewer writing mistakes;
  • you communicate and present yourself better;
  • you have the tools to organize your work better and work more efficiently;
  • you work with more relaxation and self-confidence;
  • you do not see dyslexia only as an obstacle but also as a gift;
  • you get that job or position you have in mind for yourself.

Practical information:

  • The course consists of an Intake of 1,5 hours to tune in on the problems and wishes of the client; 4 following days of eight hours each: training and coaching; a recurrence conversation by Skype after a few months;
  • The course is given by Sjan Verhoeven, she works as a trainer and coach and is dyslexic herself. She has written the book “Move forward with dyslexia”.
  • She has a bachelor degree in psychology and social work. More information, click here
  • Time: 4 full days following each other from 9.00 to 17.00.
  • Course material and the book “Move forward with dyslexia” are included in the course.  


Last year we joined the sixth edition of the International  Conference on Dyslexia "Strete of Genes" in Modena organized by Vittorio Melotti. Modena was the first city to launch our 4-day course internationally. 

Reaction of participants:

The course is more than interesting. I have found parts of me that I didn’t know off. Moreover, and most importantly, I have learned many new techniques such as how to read faster and how to present myself: in my mind and when I talk to other people. Sjan is very clear and emphatic, she finds the crux of the problems that people have."

Our daughter found the course most beneficial. All aspects were very good but especially the mind maps were explained in a way that she now finds very usefull. She feels much better prepared for her future studies."

It's really working! I can read much faster and immediately tried it on one of my own students. This course really helps me forward." 

Last year I followed the 4-day-course given by Sjan Verhoeven. It has made my life a lot lighter and more fun. These 4 days were very nice, instructive and I got a lot of handles to do my work more effectively. What an eye-opener to see dyslexia as a gift and therefore to feel myself even more powerful with my dyslexia. I would not want to miss my dyslexia anymore!"

dyslexia-italy-lecture-2018A picture of Sjan giving a lecture on last year's conference. 

Would you like to join us in Italy in November 2018? Send an email to: