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Do you want to hear stories from other dyslexics? Stories about labels, their different way of thinking, their setbacks, the benefits of conceptual thinking and their success stories?

In this initiative of Dynamika you can listen to podcasts in which Sjan Verhoeven and Gertrudie Boersen share their knowledge or Sjan interviews people with dyslexia who want to tell their own story.

Our second podcast is by Gertrudie and Sjan themselves. They talk about labels and perspectives on dyslexia and how dyslexia and stress are connected. What is dyslexia exactly? According to them it is no disorder, but a natural combination of features that has its disadvantages AND its benefits! It's time to change the perspective on dyslexia and value dyslexics more. That doesn't mean they don't need help in a society in which their way of processing information forms a minority. Sjan and Gertrudie tell you the why's and how's.

The first podcast is an interview with Patricia. Patricia knew it herself at a very young age but hid her dyslexia out of fear being placed to a lower level. Nevertheless, she still does not work on the level she dreams of: being a school teacher!

Listen to her story:

Patricia speaks different languages and it took her a while before she realised it's not because of her multilingualism that she had so many problems with her dyslexia, but that being dyslexic is about speaking a different language as linear thinkers!

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