Reviews of Dyslexic readers

on the Dutch edition

Anonymous, from an email:

Thank you for writing this book ! I recognize myself completely in this book. It gives me support and understanding for myself, especially to the past. For the future I now have beautiful goals and inspiration."

A father, 41 years:

This book is very easy to read, even for people with dyslexia !! This book is about my life!
The explanation of the handicap that will not go away ... For people who want to understand more of dyslexia and their brain and how to cope better with it at work.  In plain language, short and clear."

A teacher, 33 years:

This book made me aware that dyslexia affects my thoughts, feelings and behavior and thereby my daily life in many more ways than only in having difficulties with reading and writing. In addition, it points out the positive aspects of being dyslectic and provides suggestions and exercises on how to make better use of them. Many examples of real-life experiences illustrate the factual information and explanations. Concluding, I would certainly recommend the book to dyslectic people and people who live and work with them."

A security coordinator, 38 years:

For me as a dyslexic a feast of recognition! This book has given me more understanding for both myself as for the non-dyslexic other."

A mother, 46 years:

Most books on dyslexia are unreadable and difficult. This book is easy to read, analytical, but also practical, and above all very positive. It is solution oriented and gives a lot of tools to help my dyslexic son."

Anonymous on internet:

Wow, this is a book I would like to have read years earlier!"

Student, 23 years:

This is the only non dusty book about dyslexia."

 A yoga teacher, 45 years:

I think it's a great book, I recognize a lot, also about my childhood. I read the book piece by peace and benefit a lot from it. I only browsed through the pages about mind mapping, because I already do that. But one sentence struck me: "that it does not have to be neat!" That has done me so well! For years I was annoyed by my own (for others) illegible notes and now I am completely at peace with it."