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Counselling by Skype or Zoom for dyslexics


The counselling can contain the following subjects:

  • what is dyslexia and the impact on daily life of adults;
  • the operation of the dyslexic brain;
  • speed reading techniques;
  • written communication: writing e-mails, reports and papers;
  • verbal communication: giving presentations or lectures, presenting your ideas in meetings;
  • mind mapping as a technique to order your thoughts;
  • interpersonal communication: giving and receiving feedback , attitude and building bridges between linear and conceptual thinkers;
  • managing your work or time;
  • fear of failure at dyslexics and how to reduce this;
  • multiple intelligence according to Gardner and specific qualities of dyslexics;
  • gifts and talents of dyslexics and how to use these efficiently at work, at school or in an education.
You can pick the subjects that are important to you. The whole course can be adapted to your needs.


After the counselling:

  • you have insight in the benefits and pitfalls of linear and conceptual thinkers;
  • you can concentrate better and have more peace in your head;
  • you read at least two times faster;
  • you know the ins and outs of mind mapping;
  • you make fewer writing mistakes;
  • you communicate and present yourself better;
  • you have the tools to organize your work better and work more efficiently;
  • you work with more relaxation and self-confidence;
  • you do not see dyslexia only as an obstacle but also as a gift;
  • you get that job or position you have in mind for yourself.

Practical information

Almost any distance can be bridged by Skype or Zoom or any other Video App. We live in the time-zone CET (Central European Time) = Greenwich +1.

A counselling session:

  • lasts 1,5 hour;
  • can be planned any time during working days;
  • will be paid by bank after receiving an invoice by e-mail.

Offer: First session for € 110,00 (all inclusive).

The counselling is given by Sjan Verhoeven, she works as a trainer and coach and is dyslexic herself. She has written the book “Move forward with dyslexia”. She has a bachelor degree in psychology and social work. More information, click here

When you want to talk especially about fear of failure, perfectionism or delaying / avoiding certain activities completely, you can also ask for Gertrudie Boersen, our fear of failure coach. She is also the author of the book "Move forward with dyslexia".

Ask for more information or make an appointment!


Diana, 42, Atlanta (USA):

Sjan gave me, my children and sister a speed reading course within 3 sessions on Zoom. It was awesome. I got so much from this. Even the youngest of 10 years old was eager to learn and hear everything Sjan told us. The training made a huge difference for our family. We highly recommend it to everyone!"

Kim, 35 years old, lives in London:

Sjan gave many practical handles that provided me the courage I needed to take the steps in my work which were needed. I work much better now and after six sessions we were done. Terrific coach and great tools!"

Anna, 46 years old, lives in the Netherlands:

After coping with dyslexia for over 40 years I read the first couple of chapters of their book. It touched me deeply as here was finally someone who fully understood and could explain the why and how of how my brain worked. Everything in this book is explained in simple terms, step by step with clear explanations. New ways of working are given which work for my dyslexic brain. Not only do they teach you new ways of doing things but they look at and help you lose the fear of failure which many of us dyslexics have aquired over the years. Living in the Netherlands I have been very lucky to work in person with these two amazing ladies. After struggling for 7 years to learn Dutch it now feels possible. I would recommend this book and their counseling for anyone of any age who is dyslexic."

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