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Dynamika - advice, training and coaching for (young) adults with dyslexia

Dynamika provides:

  • insight into the impact of dyslexia on your work;
  • communication techniques that are applicable immediately in order to communicate to your colleagues or customers in such a way that they understand you instantly;
  • reading and writing strategies that fit your way of thinking;
  • insight into your specific qualities and how you can use these in your work;
  • a practical and experiential approach to dyslexia.

Resulting in:

  • you work with more relaxation and self-confidence;
  • you can concentrate better and have more peace in your head;
  • you make fewer writing mistakes;
  • you communicate and present yourself better;
  • you have the tools to organize your work better;
  • you get that job or position you have in mind.

Courses and lectures

We also provide courses outside the Netherlands with the results as presented above.

Would you like to have more information:

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Move forward with Dyslexia!

A self-help book for dyslexic (young) adults, but it is also beneficial for parents of dyslexic children and professionals who counsel dyslexics.

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Prince Carl of Sweden has received our book

We have sent our book to Prince Carl of Sweden and received a nice response in return.

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